“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
– Peter F. Drucker 

Organisational Development

Progress as a company – looking to the future strengthened.

Do you want to secure the future of your company? Changes are successful if the forces in the organization are used as engines of change. Entrepreneurial success is always increased when the corporate culture is brought into line with the values and goals of the team. And when everyone feels connected to the company and its orientation.

I'll help you with that,

  • To bring your organization in sync with the values and goals of your team/executives.
  • To create creative spaces for your employees so that they can contribute their skills and strengths to the company in the best possible way.
  • To break away from familiar and stuck patterns and to make adequate improvements in operational personnel management.

Together we develop a tailor-made plan to achieve your goals. Let us strengthen your company for the future – with a stable orientation.

The procedure

First, discussions or workshops take place in order to define the initial situation.

In the next step, we work out the appropriate way to get to the level we have found. Here I prefer to use the approaches »Time to think« and »Values«. Together with your team, we open up new thinking environments and perspectives in order to bring corporate culture and team together.

Finally, I support you and your team in implementing the new orientation in your company. I will be at your side during the entire process - also in individual coaching.

I cordially invite you to take advantage of a non-binding meeting to get to know me. There are no costs for you here.

Talk to me!

Thinking Environment

Thinking Environment

The quality of all our actions is determined by the quality of our previous thinking. The quality of our thinking is determined by our interaction with each other as we think. Nancy Kline has identified ten behaviors in her »Thinking Environment« approach that promote free and independent thinking. We call this »The 10 Elements of a Thinking Environment«. In the presence of these ten elements, people think with discipline, imagination and courage.



»Values Online« is the tool and method to turn organizational culture into a strategic advantage. Successful companies work actively with their culture and ensure that their culture and the values of their employees are in harmony. Employee motivations and values are systematically made transparent, the correspondence between personal values and corporate culture is established - and success is measured.

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