Non-Violent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg

I’ve first read Marshall Rosenberg’s book on Non-violent communication years ago in a time of personal crisis. It’s been a revelation and I’ve read it at least 3 times since.

Every time I read it, I am amazed by the depth, the wisdom and the ease by which Marshall Rosenberg explains how we can communicate more effectively.

Who is this book for?

If you think effective communication equals pushing your perspective through, perhaps this will not become your favorite book. If you believe in true exchange, the book might be a breakthrough. For Marshall Rosenberg, effective communication means the ability to create a real, deep exchange between people. Such an exchange comes with the risk of being exposed and vulnerable. If you are are longing for deep connection, if you are a coach, a trainer or a parent, it is a hugely inspiring read, and can teach you to engage in deeply connecting communication practices.

The book can be purchased on amazon.

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