Lost in the fog? Starting 2021 with realigned values


Lost in the Fog? Little has been as planned last year.

There are a few things that happened as planned though: I handed in my master’s dissertation on the topic of Transpersonal Coaching (I will explain what that means in one of my next blogposts) and will graduate with an MSc in Executive Coaching in 2021. I have also been awarded my Professional Certified Coach Credential by the International Coaching Federation.

Then were the other things that did not go as planned…there are too many to be listed here. And I am not the only one who had to rethink and reorganise their life fundamentally in 2020. Maybe you have experienced it too. It has been a recurring theme in many of the coaching sessions during the past year. Midlife-crisis, reevaluation of priorities and reshaping of career have been a dominant theme. Many clients felt a need to reconnect with their values, maybe shift and reorient some of them. As if they wanted to prepare for the new that is emerging.

None of us knows what that „new“ that is emerging will look like. The ambiguity and anxiety that comes with this uncertainty are sometimes difficult to bear. I have found, both for myself and for my clients, that clarity on your values, or even your life’s purpose helps to navigate the troubled waters. Once clients have re-evaluated their values, motivations and drives in life, staying clear of the storm and remaining resourceful and productive in the midst of ambiguity proves surprisingly simple. 

If it feels like you could use a little more direction in your life, you could try the following:

1) Write down your top 3 values.

2) Check how you spend your money and how you allocate your time. Does it match? Is there a mismatch?

3) If there is a match – congratulations. You are on track. You could ask yourself which value you are currently reprioritising and would like to prioritise more int he next year. For me, it is spending time in nature.

4) If not, ask yourself: How comes there is a difference between your stated values and our lived reality? How can they move closer?

5) for both: if faced with a decision, ask yourself which value you would prioritise when deciding for either option presenting itself. Are you deciding between vacuum cleaning and a walk in the forest? Ist that a decision between the value of tidiness and balanced life? What is more important to you?

With that, I wish you the most amazing 2021, full of purpose and direction.

Kind regards,

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