"Stop acting so small.
You are the universe in ecstatic motion."


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Threein business coaching

Coaching Individual Sessions

Threein business coaching

We offer individual coaching sessions, virtual and face-to-face. You set the direction, we facilitate the process. We set an overarching goal and meander along the way towards achieving your personal growth direction. Whilst doing that, we remain intimately attentive to the unfolding of your personal individuation process. We will invite you to honestly explore your values, flaws, strengths and aspirations in life. During the process, we open up new possibilities and end by integrating the newfound revelations into your life.

We believe that the beauty of coaching lies in the opportunity to offer a very personalised experience. With this programme, we offer the space to explore a topic of your choice. We can’t describe a programme we want to lead you through. If you want to know how you could grow from coaching, you can read here. How about the growth journey of some of our clients.

Price 1 Session: 150€ (+19% VAT for people within the EU)
10 Sessions: 1350€ (+19% VAT for people within the EU) - 10% discount vs. single session
Duration 60 mins or 10x 60mins
Delivery Online via Zoom, face2face possible but extra charges apply
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Leading and Living with Spiritual Intelligence

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The programme brings together a group of people (6 max) who want to work on integrating their management and leadership responsibilities with a spiritual path. 

We meet over the course of 3 month, starting with the formation of a tight-knit, trusted group. We explore the intersection of spirituality and leadership with the help of spiritual intelligence - as defined by Cindy Wigglesworth. „The ability to behave with wisdom and compassion whilst maintaining inner and outer peace - regardless of the circumstances.“  

This offer allows us to discuss and integrate meaning, purpose and spirituality better into our everyday responsibilities - thus supporting the emergence of a more conscious world. 

SQ21 - Cindy Wigglesworth

Price 1990€ (+19% VAT for people within the EU)
Duration 12 weeks, 6 Group Sessions for 2h, 1 individual session 1,5h
Delivery Online via Zoom
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threein_leading and living with spiritual intelligence-min
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