»Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you.«

– Anne Lamott, writer, public speaker and teacher.

Business Wellbeing

Wellbeing and better performance – for managers and employees

Are you neglecting your wellbeing due to stress at work? We often lose sight of ourselves because we are very engaged professionally. I support you in getting to know your mental structures better and thus strengthening you authenticity. Because those who can be open and authentic at the workplace increase their motivation and health, improve their performance and strengthen employee loyalty. This personal "wellbeing" contains various factors. In the Business Wellbeing courses we learn techniques to build emotional and mental resilience, i.e. resistance through mindfulness and meditation.


My Business Wellbeing offer structures traditional methods of meditation and mindfulness into short, practical workshop sequences. Each sequence gives you specific tools for less stress and more emotional balance.

The offer is based on the Universal Healing Tao System from Mantak Chia. Mantak Chia is a world-famous Qi Gong and meditation teacher whose teaching is based on thousands of years of Taoist traditions. I offer simple, low-threshold introductory exercises that help to gain personal balance.

The courses can be booked individually. However, they are also part of an overall concept, which is why attending all 4 parts can have an overall effect. I also teach further meditation courses according to Taoist methods.

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Event schedules will be available for all courses in 2020.

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Healing Tao

Heilendes Tao

The »Healing Tao« has its origin in Taoism, the oldest philosophy of life in China. Taoism is based on the assumption that body, mind and soul are closely connected. The aim is to create a balance between body, mind and soul in order to lead a healthy and balanced life. Through exercises and meditations, stress and difficult emotions are reduced and transformed.



»QiGong« (or Chigong) is a Chinese form of meditation and movement that serves to balance body and mind. Practices including breathing, body and movement exercises as well as concentration, mindfulness and meditation techniques.

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