Dominique Munz, Founder & Coach

Meet Dominique, Founder & Coach

I am a passionate coach. Clients who have worked with me attest to my extraordinary ability to inspire trust and depth of interaction. My passion is to support people on their journey to realising more happiness and satisfaction in their professional lives. I have learnt that working in harmony with one’s purpose is the key to achieving this, and I have developed coaching methods to support people who want more meaning and purpose in their careers!

My international career in Human Resources has given me the opportunity to look closely at many other careers. I have witnessed the challenges and constraints experienced by managers and employees within large organisations. Over the years, I have been confronted again and again by people who are looking for meaning and purpose in their careers. People who have managed to integrate these yearnings into their working lives have been far more successful and happy during their office hours. As I am deeply interested in this phenomenon, it has become my mission to support my clients to integrate both sense and meaning into their careers.

You can find more on my personal professional journey here.

My passion for personal and professional growth, and the drive to put my own purpose into practice, has led me to undertake coaching training at the Ashridge Business School (2014 - 2015). Ashridge has been providing high-level training to successful coaches for many years.

Since 2015, I have been successfully coaching clients in career transitions.

I have always loved to travel and have encountered several far-reaching transitions and painful growth processes in my life, most recently because of moving from my native Switzerland to Germany. These experiences have enriched my personality and proved to be a thorough preparation for supporting others through their own personal transitions and growth processes!

I am very interested in uncovering the internal physical and psychological structures of humanity – as handed down in traditional wisdom. I am a certified Tao Yoga Instructor and a practitioner of Qi Gong and Meditation. The knowledge I have gained through these practices gives my coaching a particular depth.

As a coach, I specialise in career coaching for people who (finally!) want to give more meaning to their professional lives. I use a strength and value-based approach in my work.

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